About Core Solutions, Inc


Core Solutions is a premier manufacturer of corrugated dunnage products for preventing damage in the shipments of products.  Our manufacturing process uses the best equipment in the industry which allows for the highest quality products available.  Our attention to detail is unmatched and we strive to make sure our manufacturing process has quality control procedures to assure the very best for our customers.


We are suppliers of an array of very high quality products for use in the shipments of goods.  We have aligned ourselves with other manufacturers in the industry that are extremely knowledgeable and have similar quality control standards as our own.  We represent all of the standard products for load containment, product protection and the blocking and bracing of shipping goods.  Beginning at the pallet and ending inside the shipping container we have the 


On-Site Consultation

We offer consultation for aiding manufacturers and shippers in finding the best damage prevention solutions for their products.  We will come to your site and offer the best alternatives for shipping your products using the mode of transportation you are using. 

Shipping Specialists

We use our experience and training as well as calling on those regarded as specialists in the shipping industry.  We have connections to damage prevention specialists in the trucking industry and at the railroad. 

Testing Lab and Test Products

We use an independent laboratory for the testing and rating of our products.  We have the data needed to specify the correct products for securing heavy loads in containers.  This valuable data provides information to design new products and improve on products that are currently being used in the industry.  We are continuously designing and testing new products and methods of shipping.

AAR Approved Products

Or products meet and usually exceed the Association of American Railroad’s specifications for dunnage in rail cars and inter-modal containers.  We are on the forefront in the testing of products with the railroad and are constantly working on new products that offer better results.

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