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Polypropylene Strap
This strapping is ideal for light duty machine and hand applications.  Whether used in conjunction with a buckle or a seal this strap is durable, strong and very cost effective for load containment.
Typical uses are:

  • bundling applications on small tabletop machines
  • strapping pallets using a tensioner and sealer tool with metal seal
  • strapping using wire or plastic buckles
  • applications using semi-automatic strapping machines

Multiple strap sizes, core sizes and colors are available as well as custom printed strap

Polyester Strap
This strapping strength ranges from light duty hand grade to industrial high strength grade.  Lower strength polyesters provide slightly higher strength than polypropylene while still providing a more cost effective containment solution than alternatives.  Medium grade can be used with a seal or friction welded using power strapping tools.  High strength and machine grade polyesters can be sealed using metal seals, friction welds by power strap tools or used through semi and fully automatic strapping equipment.
Typical uses are:

  • strapping pallets using a tensioner and sealer tool with metal seals
  • hand applications using pneumatic and battery operated friction weld tools 
  • applications using semi and fully automatic strapping machines such as lumber and panel mills

Multiple strap sizes, core sizes available, colors are black and green.  Waxed and un-waxed strap as well as embossed is available in most sizes.
This strapping is available in a AAR approved quality for shipping railroad

Heavy Duty Hand Applications

Steel Strapping
Regular duty and high tensile steel to meet exact specification.  Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses. AAR railroad approved strapping available.

Strap Tooling
We carry a vast array of tools ranging from manual tensioners and sealers to battery and pneumatic friction weld tools.


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