Other Products

In addition to the products showcased on our site we carry full lines of the following packaging products; 

Plastic Sheeting – continuous rolls or perforated sheets. Printed and plain, Ultra violet protection and standard rolls. many different mil thickness available in various widths 

Plastic and Paper Bags – we bags for various industries. Multi color print and plain in all thicknesses 

Foam Packaging – foam inserts and rolled foam for transit protection. Bubble wrap is also available for added protection. 

Corrugated Sheets – all sizes and thicknesses of sheets for transit protection or stacking stability 

Chipboard Tier Sheets – all sizes of fiber and chipboard paper sheets for top of wood pallet protection and top of pallet dust covers. Also used as tier sheets between stacks of products on pallets 

Lumber Wrap – we carry printed and plain lumber wrap which can be used for wrapping lumber and pallets. We can sew it into bags or by the roll. 500, 1000’ and 1500’ lengths are standard. Many width capabilities up to 120”




Slip Sheet Application

Slip Sheet

Fiber Slip Sheet

CSI Air Bags

Corrugated Products
Corrugated Products

Card Edge Protectors


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