Stretch Films

CSI carries an array of stretch films to meet the exact specification needed to secure different palletized products.  We have bundling film for securing bundles, hand grade film for manually wrapping pallets and automatic machine grade films for use on automated stretch wrapping equipment.

Bundling Film – 3”-5” wide rolls in standard 80-150 gauge film for bundling applications.  This versatile film is ideal for quickly wrapping around bundles of loose cargo for excellent containment.  Manually stretching the film as you wrap tightens the load together and allows the shipper to contain loose items for shipment.

Hand Grade Film – Available in sizes from 12”-18” wide rolls this film is perfect for wrapping pallets by hand.  Many different gauges are available for securing all kinds of cargo on pallets.  Special handles are available to aid in working with the rolls for a smooth and easier application.  Heavier duty handles provide a manual “pre-stretch” on the film which improves the containment characteristics of the film when applied to the load.

Machine Grade Film – This film is specifically designed for use on automatic stretch film equipment. 20” to 50” wide rolls are available in a variety of strengths and mil thickness.  A stretch film audit is available where we can provide technical assistance in selecting the correct film to run on a specific machine and identifying the film specification that will best contain different types of loads.


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